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   TEK-DRIVE  your best choice of  Motor Controller
   ■ All R&D and assembly made in our own labs in Taiwan by technicians with over 30
      years experienceA guarantee of better quality control system
   ■ High Quality Electronic components from world leading manufacturers
   ■ Compliance with International Manufacturing and Safety standards

■ Simple, proven, and no-nonsense modularized design for easy maintenance and low-operating cost
    ■ Easy to operate with multi-language interface Multi-in RS-485 MODBUS
   ■ Integrated Advanced functionalities such  as auto-tuningauto torque boost
    PLC function and PID regulator ...

PTLK broken into two TDS series of motor drives:


  Product :
  AC Motor Drive
      TDS-V8 series  
      TDS-F8 series  
   Soft Starter

  Energy Saving Application


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