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        TDS-F8 Features:

          220V  Class (Single-Phase) 0.5Hp~2Hp
        220V  Class (3-Phase) 0.5Hp~2Hp
        PWM control
       Frequency control ranges from 0.1Hz to 400Hz with resolution 0.01Hz.
       PID control, simple PLC function, energy Saving mode, multiple frequency pulse output.  
       3-Skip frequency setting
       2 ACC / DEC time S curve setting
       Cumulative time and intelligent fault status recording.
       Communication function :RS-485 installed inside (MODBUS protocol).
       Remote speed reference : 0-10VDC, 4-20mA , multifunction input and 0-10VDC  output terminal.
       Flow Machine (Fan-Pump)
        Food Processing Machine      
        Knitting Machine
       Commercial Laundry
       Packing Maching
       Energy-saving Application..>>
       TDS-V8 series ..>>
  Product :
  AC Motor Drive
             TDS-V8 series @
         TDS-F8 series @
   Soft Starter

  Energy Saving Application


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