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TDS-V8 series
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Operator mounting dimension
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Standard dimensions
TDS-F8 series


      TDS- V8 Features:

          220V Class(3-Phase) 1Hp~100Hp

          440V Class(3-Phase) 1Hp~200Hp

  • Sensor less vector control with auto tuning system.
  • Auto torque boost , slip compensation.
  • Frequency control ranges from 0.1Hz to 400Hz with resolution 0.01Hz.
  • PID control , simple PLC function , energy.
  • Energy saving , multiple frequency pulse output.
  • Two set of analogical output interface , which could be set as 11 individual
    analogical signals.
  • Cumulative time and intelligent fault status recording.
  • Protection of overload can be switched by constant and variable torque load.
  • Communication function : RS-485 installed inside (MODBUS protocol)

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